The OUYA Laptop Mod!


Today’s mod comes to us from user ” Vanilor” at and we must say it is pretty neat. According to the modder they took an old Motorolla Lapdock and with the help of a little solder, heat shrink tubing and adapters they were able to get the Lapdock to be retrofitted with the OUYA hardware.






If you are interested in making your own OUYA Lapdock then check out the links below to get your hands on the equipment you will need and be sure to let us know if you are able to succeed with your very own OUYA Laptop!

Motorola Lapdock – [GET IT HERE]

Micro HDMI (Female) to HDMI (Male) – [GET IT HERE]

Micro USB to USB – [GET IT HERE]  (NOTE: Most cell phone chargers use this so you may have one.)

USB to Barrel Jack Adapter – [GET IT HERE]




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